Month: March 2018

Stylish Rain Boots for Fashionable Women

If you want to look great even when it’s raining outside, you really need a stylish pair of rain boots. Any old pair of rubber boots will keep your feet dry when you’re walking from the house to the car, but once you get to wherever you’re going, you don’t want to be seen in a grungy old pair of boots. You want a pair that looks good with whatever else you are wearing.

One pair that has a really nice look is the Tie Dye Raisin rain boot from 1.4.3. Girl. This boot is mostly light blue in color with a band of black around the top and bottom. In the center is a large peace symbol. The whole boot has a tie-dyed look to it, with bands of white like you would see in a tie-dyed shirt where the dye was blocked. The peace symbol itself is mostly purple with yellow in the middle.

Another sharp-looking pair of 143 Girl rain boots is the Scottie Dog version of the Raisin boot. These boots are red with black Scottie dogs all over the upper. There is a black stripe around the top of the boot and around the bottom of the foot as well. The soles are made of black rubber.


Fashionable Women Get More Attention

It is true that women have many ways of capturing a man’s attention, but not every attention is good attention. Knowing how to dress well is a very good way of getting an keeping the right type of attention. The main misconception about fashion is that being fashionable means wearing expensive attire and always trying to stay within the unwritten guidelines of your surroundings.

Shopping by brand name is okay if you have the funds for it, but since most of us do not, bargain shopping is not only a good idea but a better idea because more often than not you can find very unique items for half the price of most name brand stuff.

Men really do not pay attention to name brands anyway, they look at the overall appearance of the lady and how well put together she is. Men know a woman who dresses well and keeps herself clean, can take care of a home and a family.