It is true that women have many ways of capturing a man’s attention, but not every attention is good attention. Knowing how to dress well is a very good way of getting an keeping the right type of attention. The main misconception about fashion is that being fashionable means wearing expensive attire and always trying to stay within the unwritten guidelines of your surroundings.

Shopping by brand name is okay if you have the funds for it, but since most of us do not, bargain shopping is not only a good idea but a better idea because more often than not you can find very unique items for half the price of most name brand stuff.

Men really do not pay attention to name brands anyway, they look at the overall appearance of the lady and how well put together she is. Men know a woman who dresses well and keeps herself clean, can take care of a home and a family.

Getting attention does not mean wearing very revealing outfits. Sure you will get a man’s attention that way too, but for all the wrong reasons. Men love when you dress well but leave a little for the imagination.

There are many style and fashion magazines out there that simple just tell you what to wear, but the problem with this is you are not the only person reading that article, and if everyone was to dress the same way as the guidelines provide in that article, then the whole concept of being unique and showcasing your individual sense of style is taken away.