Every Outfit Adut

– Hi Vogue!

It’s me, Adut Akech, and
today I’m gonna show you guys

what I wear in a week, so
stay tuned, let’s get into it.

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So this is my travel outfit.

I am wearing these
leggings by Rosetta Getty.

My tank top is Rag and Bone.

My jacket is Helmut Lang.

And then my carry-on bag is Isabel Marant.

This dope, just cool bag.

And my special traveling blanket.

Oh, and this is for your ear pods,

so that you never lose them.

It’s by Tapper.

And my dope sneakers are a collaboration

by an artist called Melody
Ehsani with Jordan’s.

The message on it says, “If
you knew what you had was rare,

“you would never waste it.”

Don’t waste time.

This, I would wear if I’m
about to get off a plane

and go straight to set.

I used to travel with
five, six bags at least.

Now, if I could fit everything
in my little carry-on

and one of these, I’m good.

I pack one or two
sneakers, one or two heels

and then just take clothes that I can wear

both day and night.

Leggings like this are perfect for comfort

and that fashionable look at the same time

with the slit of the front,
which is really cool,

looks dope with sneakers and heels,

and then that’s just that
touch of fashion, and yeah.

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So this look right here is
my on the go, on duty look.

Just a very inexpensive outfit.

Top and pants from Zara.

Then I’ve got my diamonds
on, still keep it a little.

My Isabel Marant glasses,

and I would pair it with
my Coperni cool shaped bag.

My shoes are from a store here in LA

called Sorella Boutique.

These are my favorite jeans,

one, because it’s very
very hard to actually find

the perfect jean for short
and tall girls, right?

So my problem is, if it fits on the top,

they’re way too short.

If they’re long, then they’re way too big.

They’re not super tight on the waist,

but they’re just a
perfect high waisted fit.

My first ever international fashion show

was for Saint Laurent.

I was nervous, I was excited,
I was also in a lot of pain

’cause my foot was swollen
from traveling 24 hours

from Australia to Paris.

But look, we put on some
big men’s suit shoes

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and we powered through that runway.

But it looked good.

If you search up the picture,

you’ll see the gold dress
with those pointy suit shoes.

I remember just being
on, not even cloud nine,

I was in my own little world.

I was just waiting for
the day to meet Naomi,

Naomi Campbell, to see her
on the runway, and I did.

She’s just as incredible.

She came and congratulated me
after closing Saint Laurent,

and then I moved to New York

and she just took care
of me when I was there.

She’s like my second mother.

I think that accessories
can elevate any outfit,

take it to the next level.

I love small bags, super small.

I don’t like medium sized
bags for some reason.

It either has to be
super big or super small.

But for this look, I’m just
gonna stick to this one.

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So this right here is my summer look.

This is a set from Jacquemus.

The bralette, the shorts and
the super dope cropped blazer.

Love this look.

And then I just paired
it with my Prada boots

because I’m not wearing
high heels during the day.

Then I would pair it with
my Off-White glasses.

In summer, we just, obviously
shorts ’cause it’s hot.

A little skin, we like
a little skin, right?

Don’t we?

You really can’t go wrong
with a matching separate,

so I have quite a few sets.

Some are a lot more dressy,
some are a lot easier,

some are more casual.

Day, night, I got a
piece for every occasion.

Just throw on a shoe, a
bag and we’re good to go.

I would describe my personal
style as easygoing, comfortable

but I can still be sexy sometimes.

When I need to be, when I’m feeling it,

I can be real sexy.

Something I didn’t know
before moving to LA

is that it gets extremely cold

when the sun sets at nighttime.

So it’s nice to have a jacket on you,

and I mean, this I can wear
throughout the entire day

and then I won’t be cold when it gets dark

or when nighttime comes.

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So this is my everyday elevated look.

I’m wearing this really dope

button-up white T-shirt by Nina Ricci.

My super bright orange
pants are Off-White.

And then my Air Force Ones, classic.

Paired it with this Prada
bag, my Off-White glasses

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and then my earrings are by Anita Ko.

I love me some bright colors.

I love these pants so much.

I love the cut, I love the design,

I love the way they
sit, the way they look.

I think I’ve definitely
become more of a risk taker

when it comes to my style.

I went through different stages.

So at one point, when I was girly,

my older sister was more tomboy-ish,

and I became more tomboy
or just less girly,

and then they became girly.

We kinda just swapped.

I love you guys!

Don’t hate me,

but I think I am the most
fashionable one in the family.

So this, this right here,
is my everyday baby.

Another piece that kinda goes

with everything and anything really.

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So this is my day to night outfit.

My dress is Off-White,
so are the sneakers.

My bag is Bottega.

So I like to wear this
dress during the daytime

because of the cool detail,

which just makes it casual, right?

What I really love about this bag

is that it’s super spacious inside,

and I’ve actually got my
nighttime stuff in here.

My bag and my shoes and my accessories.

During Fashion Week,

having to go to an after
party after a show,

throw on some heels with
whatever you’re wearing

and you’re good to go.

And then my bag is Valentino,

and my shoes are Filling Pieces.

I was actually gifted this bag
by Pier Paolo with Valentino.

We actually collaborated together

on my British Fashion Award dress

that I wore when I won two
years ago, just saying.

So that just goes to show you

how close and special our relationship is,

that I’m able to do something
like that with a designer.

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Speaking of after parties,
this is my after party look.

I mean, you can never go wrong

with a little black dress, can you?

I actually got this altered to my liking.

I cut this, got this cut made,

made it super tight so
that it fet perfect.

Fet perfect?

Fitted perfectly.

I’m making up my own words now.

So this dress is by a label,
a south Australian label,

Finders Keepers.

And my shoes, which are
one of my favorite heels,

Rene Caovilla.

And my super adorable bright
pink bag is by Jimmy Choo.

So I definitely cannot
do heels all night long.

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They come off when we get to dinner.

They’re off at the dinner
table where nobody can see.

When we’re at the party, they are off.

But a boot, I can do all night long.

So I’ve got these super
cute low black Jimmy Choo.

They’re giving cowgirl vibes,

and they kinda just bring the
dress down just a little bit,

but still keeping it very sexy.

Honestly, when you’re on the
runway wearing high heels,

you just feel like you’re gonna
fall, for whatever reason.

I’ve had so many favorite runway moments,

it’s kinda hard to choose.

But one of the most special
ones was Chanel Couture Bride.

So closing the show as
a Chanel Couture Bride

is the greatest honor.

I was extremely honored when Karl chose me

to be his Chanel Couture
Bride three years ago,

which was very special.

I was the second black girl to ever do it,

so that was a history making
moment at the same time,

as well as it being an
honor and extremely special.

So I’ll always hold that special
memory and moment to him.

I miss him now, speaking of him.

We are gonna add a black blazer,
which is another essential.

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So this is my Sunday outfit.

My dress is by Area.

My shoes are good old
classic Air Force Ones.

I’ve still got my Anita Ko jewelry on,

and I would pair this with my Coperni bag.

I think ever since moving to LA,

I think I’ve become
more of a dress person.

I mean, the weather’s nicer for dresses.

Look, we’ve been stuck in
the house for a year plus,

it is time to bring on
the bling and the colors,

the short dresses or the long dresses.

Let’s just go out and live life.

By the end of the year, I wanna say,

“You can’t say we didn’t live life”.

This summer, we are outside, baby.

The streets are calling our names.

We’ve been in the house for a year plus,

so the streets, the
bag and fun is calling.

[light music]

Thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope you enjoyed and I
will see you guys next time.

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