Every Outfit Rosie Huntington

– Hi Vogue, I’m Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

and here’s what I wear in a week.

[encouraging music]

Okay, so this is a typical
airport look for me,

all about comfort but still feeling

really polished and
stylish at the same time.

So, I have a bit of a knit
situation going on here,

like a knitted suit.

This is a look that I just
purchased from The Row

and I’m loving it.

And then when I’m traveling

I always like to take a nice big bag,

particularly if I’m with my son.

I can keep my iPad in here,

all of the things that I like
to bring out on the plane.

Jason just bought me
this bag for my birthday

so I was very happy about that.

He has impeccable taste, actually.

Amazing, amazing taste

so he usually knows what I’ve
had my eye on for for a while,

he nearly always gets it right.

And I have on my new Gia
Rhw sandals, thong sandals

from my new collection.

I would say I’m usually traveling

between the UK and the States the most.

I think in the UK, I feel
the style can either be

much more polished and
elegant and classic,

but at the same time,
it can also kind of be

a little bit more rock
and roll and undone,

and then in LA everything’s quite casual

and so I find myself
being able to wear things

like whites and creams so much more.

What I would say I’ve learned
from being in LA about style

is it’s okay to wear your
jogging bottoms outside.

Oftentimes if I’m running from
work straight to the airport

I will take with me

an outfit to get changed
into on the plane.

And can I just say
whatever class you’re in,

whether you’re in coach or first,

on most of the planes I take
the bathroom is the same size.

So, get changed early on in the flight

so you avoid any pee that has
accumulated across the floor

from our lovely male counterpart.

[lips popping]
[gentle music]

[chill-out music]

Okay, so this is a look

that I might wear to a
special daytime event

or an extra special day on set, at work.

This is a beautiful
leather skirt and jacket

from one of my favorite
designers, Magda Butrym,

and then I’ve paired it
with my strappy sandal

from my Gia collection.

I love the color palette
that’s going on here.

I have a Bottega bag

and a little, white crop top underneath.

When I first started
modeling I was a hot mess,

a complete hot mess.

I grew up on a farm so I
had no idea how to dress.

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Sienna Miller and Kate
Moss were the style icons

that everybody was obsessed with.

And so, for me, I would run to Top Shop

and try and emulate their looks,

which was always a bit of a disaster

and a poor man’s version

of their gorgeous style that they had.

I do love a good shoulder pad

’cause I have quite narrow shoulders

and, in fact, I’m always
looking for clothing

with a little bit of a
structure at the shoulder,

so you’ve really got to be
in the mood for it, I find.

[lips popping]
[soft music]

[gentle upbeat music]

So, this is a typical everyday
look that I might wear in LA

and this is typically
something I’d probably wear

if I’m going out with my son as well,

although I can hear you all going,

she’s wearing white with a toddler.

What is she thinking?

And usually, I don’t
know what I’m thinking

and by the end of the day I’m
covered in tomato ketchup,

mayonnaise, crumbs, spit, you name it.

The bag and the belt
are from Bottega Veneta,

the jeans are R13 and the
shoes are from The Row.

So, I love a body suit.

I love this Zara one is that it’s,

can I say it’s a thong, on camera?

It’s a thong.

A nice thing about a body
suit is that they un-pop

and that’s all I’m going to say.

So, if you do find yourself
on a long car journey

or a long flight and you
did wear your bodysuit

you can always, rest assured,

just like a bra strap it can be undone.

You know, I’ve loved fashion
since I can remember,

as a young teenage girl.

My mum and I

used to bond over looking
at magazines together,

that was our girl time.

Mum and daughter time.

At the time she was my style
icon all those years ago.

Does everybody remember

when UGG boots first came on the scene?

Me being, I must’ve
been 14, 15 at the time,

could not actually afford
a pair of proper UGG boots,

so I seem to remember buying
a knockoff pair off of eBay,

which I was so excited about getting

and when they finally arrived in the post

they went straight on my feet.

I seem to remember

wearing a denim cutoff
skirt with them quite a lot.

I remember coming downstairs

to wear them out for the first time

and my entire family just
hysterically erupting

into hysterical, hysterical
laughing, crying tears

because they’d never seen
a pair of UGG boots before

and very much did not get the trend

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and the craze at the time.

[lips popping]
[gentle music]

[upbeat music]

Okay, so this is a typical look for me

when I’m going to the office
or I’ve got some meetings.

I love a good tailored pant,
these are from The Row.

I love a trench coat,
particularly in London

because the weather changes
throughout the day so much.

This is another beautiful
piece from The Row

and then underneath I have
another trusty body suit.

This one is from Hermes.

It’s in this gorgeous
stretch Jersey fabric

and I love the fact that it’s backless,

gives it that little bit of an edge.

A little bit sexy.

And then I have another
pair of my shoes on

from my collection.

This is my amazing Bottega
pouch bag, which I love.

I have these in a few colors.

So, when I was 16 I interned
at a modeling agency in London

hoping that I’d get to go on a photo shoot

and, of course, I spent the
whole week answering phones,

and sending faxes, and photocopying,

and running around London doing errands,

and emptying ashtrays
in the modeling agency,

and making cups of tea
and things like that

but it was an amazing experience.

So I went back into the modeling agency

about six months later, after
I finished my exams at school

and they took a few Polaroids

and asked me if I’d like
to go out on a casting,

and I was just so ecstatic.

And then within a few days I
was out on my first test shoot

and well, the rest is history really.

[lips popping]
[calm music]

[gentle, upbeat music]

Okay, so this is a great look

that I would perhaps wear in the daytime

and then straight out to
a date in the evening.

This is a look from the most
recent Hermes runway show.

I’m obsessed with it,

I absolutely love the
color combination here

and I have my woven strap
heels on in the brown again,

which I think look great.

I think for me,

a great way to take a day
outfit to a night outfit

is, obviously, changing footwear.

So, if you’re wearing flats

then you could throw on a pair of heels

and that will instantly make
you feel ready to go out.

I would say

you could even wear a pair
of sweatpants to dinner

if you threw on a pair of
heels and a great blazer.

You know, I think the only thing

that probably wouldn’t
take you from day to night

is maybe a pair of dungarees.

But I usually go out
once, maybe twice a week

and I like to keep things
casual and real and laid back.

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Jason is so unbelievably stylish.

When we went on our first date

he actually had this beautiful,

tan leather bomber jacket from Hermes.

I love that piece

because it will forever
remind me of our first date.

[gentle music]
[lips popping]

[jazz music]

So, this is a really cool look

that I’ve been loving from Givenchy.

It’s just really beautiful.

I love the way this top is constructed

and then the black pants
gives it that masculine vibe.

I’d probably wear this out
to cocktails with girlfriends

or to a special evening event.

So actually, I love this top
because of the diamond shape,

it accentuates the shoulder
area and it’s really elongating.

It’s all party in the back.

Anybody who knows me,
knows I love a night cap.

In my early twenties, late teens,

I would be out most nights of the week.

And now in my thirties,

since I have a little
bit more responsibility

than I did those days,

going out dancing is not as
frequent as it used to be.

So, you want to have

a big bottle of water and two paracetamol

before you go to bed and
then, the next morning,

a Bloody Mary and an English fry-up.

Can’t beat it, works every time, usually.

[lips popping]

[relaxing music]

So, this is a great little outfit

that I would probably wear at home,

hanging out with my family.

This is Proenza Schouler.

Shoes are my trusty mules from Bottega.

My son, he always admires my outfits.

He loves seeing me dressed
up to go out to work

and coming back, where have you been, mum,

you’re all dressed up?

I have a mini fashionista on my hands.

He couldn’t care less
about what he’s wearing

but absolutely is besotted
with whatever I’m wearing

and loves it when I put a dress on.

He said to me the other day,
“Go put a pretty dress on, mum”

or, “I’m tired of seeing
you in sweatpants.”

That is a three-year-old.

I feel that my life has
become much more meaningful

since having a son, or
since having a child

and that’s really special.

[gentle music]
[lips popping]

Okay, Vogue, so there you have it,

that’s everything that I wear in a week.

I hope you’ve enjoyed
this as much as I have.

I hope you’ve learned something.

I hope that you bought something

and I look forward to
seeing you again soon.

[lips smack]

[gentle European music]