Everyday Skin-Care Routine



i’m janet mock i’m going to walk you

through my everyday skincare

and makeup routine first up is my


i truly believe in like really being

gentle on your skin you don’t pull you

don’t tug and you don’t rub

so i’m just always patting and patting

and patting

i learned that somewhere probably in one

of these beauty secret videos

the next thing i like to do is use these

little kind of

power glow peels so just kind of lightly

i started really struggling with acne

when i was in the 10th grade probably

right after i really went hard and deep

into my transition you know

dealing with hormone therapy i can kind

of do a number

in addition to being in puberty right so

it was just i remember my first products

that i thought i was so fancy about was

the proactive

um but it was my starter kit it really

helped me have like a three-step

skincare routine that like

kind of anchored me and so after that i

do this little feelings miss which i

love so much it has some peppermint and


and sage and chamomile and it’s actually

also for a really great cause um it’s

made by

survivors of domestic violence i put

that kind of all over

and i like the tingling sensation it has

on it like

centers me it helps me breathe it

reminds me

to like be in my body and to really kind


awaken i really do believe that what

skin care does

it’s really a great moment to just focus

on yourself reminds you like

this is who i am this is my face love


here i am you know i have some marks

here i have this and i just kind of

just live with that and the next thing

that i love to do is just use this

little tool called from new face it’s

like a microcurrent tool

but you need a little protecting on it

first right so i use this gel primer

from them

i go always at the highest power

my favorite time to do this is usually

when i’m watching some like

really great delicious reality tv

because i’ll find myself lost on the tv

and then also just

pulsing my face and i’ll do it for like

an hour not even knowing

because i’ve already done so much

exfoliation i really love this toner

i am really strict with myself on my


i think it’s probably the one most

indulgent thing i do in my life is not

so much clothes

maybe jewelry a little bit but my skin

it’s like i

have to be very strict if there’s not a

night that i’ll ever sleep with makeup

on there’s not a night where i won’t do

every single step of my stuff

and so i do my vitamin c serum i like

this super one

a couple like one two three four five i

have a big head so

you know a girl needs all of it but i

also suffer

not suffer i live with um

hyperpigmentation so like i had this


little breakout so i popped her out a

little bit and so she could get dark

so i can make sure that i’m vigilant

about brightening and keeping that all

in without lightening my skin

after that i do some eye cream i like

this one here

i also like to put a little lip balm on

so i put a little hyaluronic acid on

this is my little

there it went you know i don’t usually


that much i kind of put a lot on there

but um you know as a lecturer says on


i don’t want a little i want to be more

more jewelry more refinery god that show

i remember my first day on set

  Every Outfit Adut

in october 2017 and seeing that cast for

the first time

being fussed over by all the hair and

makeup people the costumers the

dp the lighting folks like just seeing

them be centered in that way

it was pivotal for me it was pivotal for

me because

i had never seen it before um and so to

say goodbye to this show that has

celebrated family that has celebrated

what it means to be different and to

embrace yourself what it means to

celebrate each other in a world that

often doesn’t celebrate you

um i’m going to miss it i’m going to

miss writing for those characters

but i’m really excited about our new

season our final season

this product here i really love um it

helps me with my

sebum which i guess is what causes acne


it’s called acne stop i just do like a

pump of it

and it’s basically my moisturizer

and the next thing i do is give some

tender loving hair to my decolletage i

like this one from charlotte toolberry

it’s actually

a it’s like a mask it’s a balm it’s a


it’s for baby glowing skin and it smells

delicious and it gives your skin

this sheen

being from hawaii i love the sun and so

i’m like always trying to achieve my

bronzy scythia goddess toned lena horn


don’t forget dorothy dandridge too the


important step sunblock you may not

think you need it

black people but you do

growing up in hawaii i didn’t wear a

touch of sunscreen

and i was crispy and dry and probably

also me

why i had a lot of those acne marks that

i ended up happening i think that when

you grow up you know

with acne you never feel like your skin

is good it’s always bad

and so i don’t i still don’t think i

have good skin it’s like in my head i

always just see like the little things i

can’t stand

this is the best my skin has ever looked

and i’m really proud of it i put a lot

of work into it and money into it

but i do like the reminder that it gives

me to

love on myself even with my flaws even

with the little things that only i


in my mad head um but it’s a good lesson

for all of us put a little eye drops in

i love these ones that my best friend


got for me when she goes and goes to

paris and so professionally she’s a


talented makeup artist and she taught me

everything i know

i just put one drop in there and it

really for i guess some reason the blue

cancels out the red

i mean it makes my eyes look or maybe

it’s just a placebo effect in my head


makes them look so bright and then i

like to put a little uh

lip plump on to like set my lips

and i love the tingling sensation that

eventually gives you oh

addicted to that i just put a little

grande brow on for these struggle 90s

brows that i had

growing up and i throw that all in there

it’s like a little hair growth serum

my little bridge bridge products to

bring it between skincare

and my makeup routine and so for my base

i like to mix laura mercier tinted

moisturizer with

charlotte tilbury a little bit in here a

couple like one

two drops

i think i watched some documentary with

like the makeup artist pat mcgrath and

she loves to use her hands

and wendy uses you know hands on my face

and her hands have been on my face since

i was

12 years old i met her we’re growing up

  White Lotus Star Sydney Sweeney Gets Ready for the Premiere

in hawaii

and we’re in middle school together in

seventh grade and

she came up to me and saw me and at this

time i was presenting

as a boy i hadn’t gotten the courage yet


embrace myself and tell myself my truth


wendy was just a mirror and a reflection

she came right up to me

and said i see you i know who you are

stop pretending she didn’t say it

exactly like that because she was only

13 years old

but it felt like that the interaction

felt like that

and she was so passionate even then


makeup and skin care and all of that

stuff and the first thing she did for me


my eyebrows um and that is why i still

have trauma in my eyebrows

because the took all my eyebrows

out but it was the 90s so it makes sense

those memories of discovering femininity


through makeup and skin care and hair

and all of that stuff

is my fondest memories the act of

supporting and loving each other that’s

what sisterhood is right

concealer i like this pat mcgrath labs


i’m so proud of the uh transformation

of the industry when i was growing up

you know there weren’t many

cosmetics brands that were making you


colors and hues for

all kinds of different ranges of skin

tones you know

we spent so much time at the mac counter

not only because of how

those sales people looked like they just

looked super cool

but they also had a range of colors and

but they were like really the only

that we could find or had access to in

hawaii um

and so i’m so glad that now we have pat

mcgrath and we have

fenty beauty which i also love um

out there doing this you know

important work of like inclusive beauty

and making us all

feel like we’re deserving of having and

taking up space not only in the world


in the little things like in sephora

like at

you know blue mercury at any kind of

makeup counter that you’re in that

we matter and we belong here and we

deserve to have

products that you know reflect our

range of beauty

mascara that i like to use is this

benefit magnet one

and i could do this all day like it’s my

favorite step

it’s the only thing when i’m in glam

and get like other people are getting me

ready i have to do my mascara on my own

i have to curl my lashes on my own

i just don’t trust anyone else to do it

when i was younger i used to love like a

like just beat my face i don’t want to

see not even a pore

i don’t want to see any glimpse of the

skin and i think it was largely probably


i had such like trauma from struggling

with my skin

right and like you think cover cover

cover up and that’ll help me

look prettier or like i have better skin

but you know when you take care of your


you don’t have to wear as much a big eye

shadow person

but i do like these little tools from


it i like super simple stuff and i like

to mix colors

um and i like to just kind of you know

do a couple drops

so i love this bronzer and i kind of use

it it’s a

it’s a mac

i like to use this fashion favorite like

a deeper color

and i use kind of like a fan brush like

this and i just go into the hairline

just a little bit

to kind of create a little definition

  7-Step Guide to a Perfect Red Lip

like my face it’s so interesting as i’ve

gotten older i realize

how much i look and resemble my mom

and some of the things i got from her is

definitely these cheekbones which she

still has

and my eye shape and those like the

things that i love the most about my


it’s kind of nice that i can say that

considering that i couldn’t stand how i

looked when i was younger

you know the struggle that trans people

go through with their bodies

or some trans people not everyone but

you know i used to struggle so much with

just accepting myself

and looking at myself and saying that

who i am and how i am and how i’m

presenting right now

is the truth to me and it feels correct

and it feels right and you know

today we’re struggling so much with this


of giving space specifically for trans

youth right currently under attack

it’s disappointing that adults are using

them as wedge issues right

in political stuff and not knowing those

little intricacies

of the struggles that young people

period go through

accepting themselves and being a young

person that’s also trans

trying to just navigate puberty and


and adolescence and all of that stuff

and trying to accept yourself

in a culture that’s constantly telling

you you don’t belong and we don’t want

you here

and so i think that messages um and

the presence of folks like laverne cox

and nj rodriguez and india moore and all

these amazing

black trans women specifically in media

i think really helps

elevate um the lived experiences that i

think a lot of people are missing in


i feel like blush and bronzer and


and skincare and everything just wakes

you up

but this for this is the mvp for me this

in the bronzer it’s like those are the

two things for me at least in my head

are like i cannot leave the house


those two things on if i want like my

best face forward

i like to set it in which is a little

like a pop of

cheek color this is jay manuel i just

love look at this color

and just

i’m going to set my under eyes with this

fenty beauty mvp

another mvp in my routine

and then i like to hit my brows with

like a one-two punch

um i love this boy brow

so it gives you a little like give me a

little darker but not without like

making it look like

you know you have like sharpies on your


in the parts where i have the little i

like to call in my struggle brows

that’s where i’ll add a little pencil so

i like this anastasia

one i just love how tiny it is it’s like

you can be

just so surgical about it

so i like to use this mac kind of like

it’s like a pencil and you can just wind

it up and but i can’t wind it up anymore

because i don’t have any more left

but i wanted to show you all it’s super


and i add a little you gotta have the

fenty beauty like come on

pop it on

and then of course i’m gonna plump her

up with the lancome

my little uh glossier telescope

i hope you guys enjoyed it it was so

nice to share this space with you

thank you so much for watching and

listening be well

love yourself take your time be present

love your body

it’s important take care