Guide to Face Masks & Easy, Everyday Makeup

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– I’m Alexandra Daddario and this morning

I’m gonna walk you through
my skincare routine

and my everyday makeup look.

So first, this is my hair in the morning.

So we’re gonna put this back

and we’re gonna start with

a cleanser.

It looks like a mud sort of mask cleanser,

but it’s very pepperminty and spicy.

Glycolic mask, it tingles
but it’s so good for you,

and I’m not in my 20s anymore,

so I need more acid, I’ve been told,

and retinols and that kind of thing.

And this is glycolic
acid, it’s great for you.

You don’t need to do a very thick layer.

It already feels tingly.

This is perfect.

And I leave this on until I realize

that I’ve had it on for too long

and it’s time for me to take it off,

which is about 15 minutes.

I have another mask that I love.

It’s a sheet mask that
I actually got at a spa,

and they used it on me

during my first facial back from COVID,

which was a very exciting moment for me.

And this is very moisturizing.

We always look ridiculous
in these, but they work.

I sheet mask on the way to work sometimes,

and I have sheet masked in
the lobby of a hotel once,

with a friend.

It’s better to do it
when you’re with someone,

because then you don’t seem as eccentric,

because you’re doing it together.

And then you just sort of rub this in.

And your skin’s all clean

and ready for the holy grail of serums.

This is my secret weapon, I’m
obsessed with this product.

I discovered it years ago

when I was suffering
from an outbreak of acne.

And it was after a movie
that I shot for a long time,

a lot of makeup, I was
in the sun all the time.

It was Baywatch.

And I think my hormones were off

and I just hadn’t been sleeping
and my skin got really bad.

And I tried everything.

I kept coming back to this
brand, Vintner’s Daughter,

because people kept reviewing it online,

saying that it helped their acne

And I thought, how is that
possible that it’s an oil?

How can that work? But it does.

It was really the only
thing that really worked.

It was incredible.

They now make a treatment
essence that you start with.

This product I use day and
night, and I use this when I fly.

So you just put this on,
don’t pull at your skin ever.

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You can also put it on your neck.

It’s very important to
take care of your neck.

So then you just let it dry.

You can do this if you want to.

So this is the oil.

I’ve had a skincare routine
since I was very young.

It’s changed over time,

and now I get to try a lot of products,

and my skin changes

based on whether I’m
working or not working,

wearing makeup or not wearing makeup,

because as you guys will see,

I don’t wear a ton of
makeup in my personal life,

but I have to wear a lot of
heavy makeup when I’m working.

And then I have other serums that I use.

I use a vitamin C serum,

which I’ve only recently started using,

topical vitamin C is great.

Avocado oil,

by Osmosis.

And this is a very pretty color
too, looks like avocado oil.

And this is my eye cream

and you just dab this on.

And again, you don’t pull,
you just sort of dab it,

especially on your under eyes.

And I was taught, oop, got some there,

I was taught to use my ring finger

’cause that’s the softest finger.

And you can put that all around your eyes.

So now that I’m all oily,

I’ll show you what we do
next to make me less oily

and ready to go out.

Eminence. I’ve been using
this on and off for years.

It’s one of my favorite
all-natural products,

it’s very thick.

This is my base sunscreen, it’s Epicuren.

I have been told, over and
over, to always wear sunscreen

and to make sure that I do not get burned.

And it’s very important

to keep your skin young and healthy.

So I have always worn it and
I obsess over it actually.

So when I put sunscreen on my face,

I also rub it on the back of my hands

because I think people forget
to put it on their hands

and then your hands really
show your age as you get older,

so always make sure to put
sunscreen on your hands.

Part of my skin routine is about a ritual

that I think is really healthy in general.

And part of my skincare routine

involves the ritual of going to yoga

and de-stressing and meditating
and going to acupuncture.

So I think it’s really important
to take care of yourself

and learn to love yourself

and love your skin the way it is

and keep yourself balanced.

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And I think that all of that ends up

helping every aspect of your
health, including your skin.

So next, as part of my skincare routine,

I’m obsessed with natural deodorant.

This is a lip balm

that I’ve been buying

since the ’90s, since I was a kid.

They sold it on 86th street in New York,

near where I grew up,

and it’s like 99 cents on Amazon.

And I love it, it’s my
favorite lip balm of all time.

So now it’s makeup time.

So I do very simple makeup.
So this is Neutrogena.

And I just do a little bit on my spots.

You just sorta cover them a little bit.

This is CoverGirl.

If something’s a little darker,
you can use it on a spot.

This is a powder that has
SPF in it. I layer my SPF.

I’m obsessed.

I don’t want any sun damage, so.

And it just retracts like this,

it has a brush, it’s great
to put in your purse.

You just shake it out.

So here’s my blush, CoverGirl.

When I was first starting to wear makeup

when I was a teenager and
figuring everything out,

I went to an all girls school

and I was all excited
because my friend said

she was gonna set me up on a date

with her friend who was a boy.

I got this black pencil

and I did this very, very heavy eyeliner.

And I went to the movie with the guy

and I remember it was really awkward.

It would already have been
awkward ’cause we’re 15,

but I remember my friend told me

that he told her afterwards

that he didn’t want to see me again

’cause I was wearing too much makeup.

The next step, I usually do my eyebrows.

I really love this pencil.

This is Chanel.

I like the way it’s shaped.

It’s angled.

I don’t mean to brag,

but I have been told my whole life

that I have amazing eyebrows.

And at first I was always like,
what are you talking about?

Because I don’t do anything to them.

I do get a little bit of a
unibrow kind of thing going.

And of course you get little
strays and I just pluck those.

But other than that, I don’t touch ’em.

I figure if you have a good
thing going, don’t mess with it.

Sometimes I will just do this

and do nothing else.

Especially if I’m feeling very lazy

and I’m going out to dinner,

just with my boyfriend or something,

who needs to impress him?

And I just want to come home and go to bed

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and not worry about
taking my eye makeup off.

And then you got a little
brush on the other side,

and you can just shape them.

Eyeliner, I like a light
brown. This is Clinique.

I mean, look at that.

I can do this

without using a mirror at all.

I’ve been basically doing this

since I was,

my early 20s.

And then I love to curl my lashes.

When I first started using
these, I had like a stray lash,

I don’t know if you guys have these,

I’m assuming I’m not the only one,

but I had a stray lash that
would grow down for a while.

And so it became very
important to catch that one

in the little trap.

And then, here we have
Clinique High Impact Mascara.

Just go.

And I put it on the top
and the bottom to color

’cause the edges of my
lashes aren’t as dark.

I just like a cleaner look,

I haven’t been wearing eye
shadow at all recently.

And I usually just use the powder instead,

so that it’s clear and translucent.

I like to use more eyeshadow
when I’m going out at night

or have a heavier makeup look.

But I like this highlighter
on my eyelids sometimes.

I sort of just put it
where I think is pretty.

So I like to put it over
here. This one is Chanel.

It’s very light, but still shimmery.

I put that a little near the blush.

And then I can put it here.

Very pretty.

And it kind of brightens things up.

I know what you guys
are thinking, amazing.

I’m ready to start my day,
except my hair looks terrible.

I just get a brush. [laughs]

Fresh Cut Split End Mender.

So this is just to keep my hair healthy

because I do have a lot
of heat treatment on it

when I am working.

So again, I just give
it a break when I’m not.

And I usually put this on the ends,

you can put it on when it’s wet or dry.

You just put a little bit like that.

Then you just brush it out.

Always keep a brush and nail clippers

and lip balm in your purse.

Thank you guys so much for joining me.

I’m ready to face my day,
I hope you guys are too.

And I’ll see you on
the next YouTube video.

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