Guide to Low-Key Glam Makeup

[dreamy music]

[dreamy electronic music]

– Hey, I’m Leslie Grace

and today I’m gonna show
you guys how I get ready.

My skincare routine, a little
light glam, some glowy skin

and maybe a little something on the eye.

And some of my tips and tricks

that I’ve accrued from my salon mama,

so let’s get into it.

We gonna get this hair out the way

’cause we gonna get into this
face, into this skin, girls.

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I used to have a lot of trouble with acne

and I have to stay on my skin.

The more that I apply to my skin,

the more it’s like susceptible

to have all these different reactions

but something that’s
really important for me

is cleansing properly.

I love double cleansing.

I love like, I won’t, I’m almost like

intense about it a little bit.

I love this this cleansing
oil, because it breaks up

whatever makeup I have on my face.

And we’re gonna use my
little Foreo machine.

That’s like nice and vibrates
and gets everything out.

I mean, I will swear
and live by this thing.

[dreamy electronic music]

So now we’re gonna move on to exfoliating.

So this is from Tatcha and
it’s a little like rice polish

and I’ve been using it lately
because it’s nice and fine,

it’s not crazy abrasive.

[relaxing hip hop music]

I was actually really bad with
the discipline of my skin.

And then I started to have
a lot of like cystic acne,

and then I met my amazing dermatologist.

[relaxing hip hop music]



is one of my favorites.

I recently got into like
steaming and I got this

personal steamer for
myself by Dennis Gross.

[relaxing hip hop music]

Summer Fridays.

It is the

Jet Lag Mask, and that is
exactly what I love it for.

Sometimes I even put this on
right before I get on a flight.

If I have no makeup on,

and I just like, the whole
flight, just soak it up.

[relaxing hip hop music]

After I have it on, I love
to get that steamer going

one more time and just
really let it settle in.

[relaxing hip hop music]

Just rinsed it off with cold
water, because I want my pores

to lock in all of that
moisture that I just got

from that fabulous mask.

We are ready to move
forward to step number 600.

We’re going to use this
serum that I love so much.

Renewed Hope.

And I mix it in.

It’s from Philosophy.

I mix it in with another
Philosophy product

which is a C boost.

I find that it brightens
up my skin so much,

especially when I’m feeling
like my skin is feeling dull,

and I’ve just been working a lot

or haven’t been sleeping well.

This combo right here, swear
by it, been doing it for years.

[bouncy hip hop music]

I like to rub it right
here with my fingers.

[bouncy hip hop music]

Oh, it feels so good,
and it smells so good.

One of my makeup artists,
he gifted me this.

It’s kept my face like supple and like,

I don’t know, bouncy, so
I put it on every morning.

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[bouncy hip hop music]

Oh, we looking-

See, I feel the bounce, I
feel the life coming back.

The reason why I have
multiple is because I feel

like they all do different
things for my skin.

I love this Elemis.

I don’t know how you say this.

So this last one, you can
even see in the texture,

it’s a little more of a cream.

It looks like more of a
moisturizer and makes sense

because it’s supposed
to resurface your skin.

So I love the combo of those three.

[bouncy hip hop music]

Next step

is an eye cream.

This product.

[bouncy hip hop music]

I never leave this house,
even if I don’t have time

to do anything else in my day, SPF.

I love this Cetaphil, you
can find this anywhere.

And I’ve been using it literally

since I’ve been in high school.

[bouncy hip hop music]

Someone like me with freckles, I really,

and gets blotches
easily, I really take SPF

serious, girl.

[relaxing music]

All right.

So now that our face is
nice and moisturized,

we are going to move into
my favorite part of the day.


We’re going to prime with
my trusted and true, Tatcha.

[bouncy hip hop music]

I learned

through osmosis how important it is

to not only take time for yourself,

but the importance and the sacredness

of like sharing a moment
where women are empowering

how beautiful they are.

I grew up around glam, glam women.

I picked up a couple of
tricks, definitely for hair

but also for makeup.

I love this foundation.

I swear by it, it’s full coverage.

I love to apply this foundation
with a brush because I feel

like I could just work it
into my skin a lot better.

[relaxing hip hop music]

So I like to kind of match the rest

of my body’s skin tone on
my face first for my base.

And then I’ll start to
bring out everything else

with highlighter, concealer.

So this is our base right now.

[relaxing hip hop music]

My relationship with makeup,
like a lot of us started

with me wanting to cover up
and through, you know, again

growing up in a salon

and seeing how other
women did their makeup.

I started to learn like,
oh, makeup is, and hair,

and all of these things, clothes,

all these things that we
used to express ourselves,

they’re adornments for
what you already have.

I can feel more comfortable
with less and less makeup on

and I can let my freckles show.

That used to be a thing

that was like, oh, cover them up,

’cause freckles are different,
and they’re, I don’t know,

they look different.

Now, I like, love them.

Next step, concealer.

[dreamy hip hop music]

We’re gonna set this, lightly.

This is just a powder that I like to use.

I like to set with a brush as well

’cause I don’t like to
be super duper matte.

I like some of the glow to come through,

and so I don’t go crazy.

For under the eye, I like to use a lighter

or more translucent setting powder.

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I like to use it right under my eye.

[dreamy hip hop music]

My mom is like a quick makeup gal.

She’s like, I’m putting
the lipstick on the cheek,

and on the lid, you know.

My Titi, Chanel, she’s a
full blown makeup artist,

but she also knows how to
do a quick essential look.

We’re all different, which, you know

all women are different, but culturally

like I feel like we’re
always, Dominican women

are always trying to
find the way that they

can cut the corner and get the same look.

There’s a phrase that my mom says,

[Leslie speaks in foreign language]

which means like you can’t
see it from the airplane,

which obviously it doesn’t
translate into English that well

but my Dominicans watching will know.

[Leslie speaks in foreign language]

If your nail’s broken, you
can’t see it from up there.

They won’t be able to notice, you know?

So we find ways to cut
corners where you won’t

be able to tell the difference.

And I think that’s something that-

that I like to call ingenuity.

So next step

is brows.

I’ve always had really
full brows and I’ve almost

been a little bit insecure
about them throughout my life.

And then

I started really taking care of them

and shaping them the way that I wanted to

and kind of keep them full now.

Full brows are in.

My favorite


sculptor, shadow, I’ll
use her for everything.

Hoola Benefit.

So I’m gonna get in here and
you see how beloved she is?

She’s running out too.

[relaxing music]

To further the bronze, I
love this little palette,

and this is a little more
of a like, orangy vibe,

to bring in some more of that warmth.

[relaxing music]

And then I like to mix some
of the bronze with the blush

’cause I like it, I don’t know.

I feel like now you’re
working with a full,

almost hombre-ish, like, you know

mix of colors face, instead
of just pink, brown, shadow.

You know?

We don’t want to
compartmentalize our face.

With this same palette sometimes depending

how fast I’m moving and
what I have in my hand,

I’ll just go in a little bit on my nose.

[relaxing music]

I’m gonna go in with the Hoola

since it’s a good little shadowy tone.

[relaxing hip hop music]

I love me some Pat McGrath.

We’re gonna go in with
a little bit darker,

a little, just a little
bit of this right here.

[relaxing hip hop music]

Something that I learned from my Titi,

this is a skill like learning
how to turn the brush

into the corners, especially
at this part of your eye

will affect how well the
shadow takes to your eyelids.

[relaxing hip hop music]

I’m gonna use a little bit of
this gold, and a little bit

of this shimmery one for
the center of my eye.

I’m gonna tap that out right there.

And then we’re gonna go.

[tranquil music]

I want to add just a
little bit more iridescence

at the center of my eyes here.

[tranquil hip hop music]

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This is

my new favorite


It’s called Unleashed.

[tranquil hip hop music]

I’m now in love with these
lashes that I’ve been using

for some time, Lashify.

And they just like make
life so much easier.

It’s just so cute, It’s
like this little mascara

that you just put at the root


your lash.

[tranquil hip hop music]

Now that we’ve got our
lashes on, we’re gonna just

set everything with a perfector,

like that just gives
you that airbrush look,

and I love me some Charly,
like airbrush flawless finish.

It’s so good.

So we’re gonna just
bring that right back in.

You’re gonna see how that’s
gonna be so photo-ready.

[tranquil hip hop music]

And then there’s one
more step I like to take

before we move on to lips.

It’s also a finishing step for me.

It’s a little bit of that
iridescent bronzer touch

and highlighter.

We’re gonna add her in on the corners,

and this gives also like this really nice,

just finish of like glow.

[tranquil music]

Put some on my lips sometimes

before we start going in on the lip.

Another Hourglass highlighter.

Just go right in.

[tranquil hip hop music]

This lip sleeping mask.

I know it’s a cult classic, but I love it.

And any time that I’m about to do my lips

I usually put it on.

I realized my lips are looking chapped.

Huda beauty, love Huda beauty.

I like to mix lots of,

a lot of lip liners to
get the color that I want.

[relaxing electronic music]

A little bit darker on the edge.

Just a little bit.

[relaxing electronic music]

Nice, little nude, and
I’m just gonna tap it in.

[relaxing electronic music]

And there you have it, darling.

We’re gonna just retouch this blow dry.

A new tool that I’ve incorporated

into my routine is

this amazing Dyson.

So I’m just gonna refresh this,

and then we’re gonna give her some body.

And then we’re gonna go off into our day.


leave-in, it’s like a bond smoother.

And if there’s one thing I learned

from my mom and from growing up in a salon

is that you really do want
to find those products

that work for your hair.

Everybody’s hair texture is different.

[relaxing electronic music]

I like to add just for the edges again,

this product.

It’s called the Mega
ManGrow Moisture Milk,

and I like to put

some of that in there, and
some for those flyaways up top.

Not too much ’cause I like the volume.

Last step


this Argan oil.

I just like to finish off
with loading my hair up

with moisture again.

So I put just a little drop,

sometimes I even put this on my skin,

and it’s like, my body.

A little bit here and stuff.

[relaxing music]

This is the final look.

I hope that you’ve
enjoyed hanging with me.

And this has been fun.


[relaxing electronic music]