Natural Hair Care and Healing Breakouts

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– Hi, I’m Nathalie Emmanuel

and I am going to talk you
through my hair, skincare,

and makeup routine.

First rule of setting your curls

is making sure that they are fully wet

because that’s the best
version of your curls.

So, I’m gonna wet my hair.

I’m just very carefully just taking out

a few little tangles.

Very important thing for
curly, kinky, coily hair,

oiling my scalp with
this lovely castor oil.

So I do a little bit at a time,

maybe this much.

And I just kind of
massage it into my scalp.

And I sort of make sure
I get all over my scalp.

The next thing I do now is put
in my leave-in conditioner.

I’m using Jim and Henry Ten Pro.

Corsican rosemary and chamomile.

And Rosemary is really, really great

for hair growth as well.

Oh, I didn’t realize quite

how challenging it would be having

very curly, kinky hair in
the kind of acting industry.

Like, the idea that my
hair would be natural

was kind of like not really seen much.

And I remember having people
come up to me and be like,

“Oh, it’s so great that you
wear your natural hair.”

It sort of dawned on me. I was like,

“Right, I haven’t, you’re right,

I never see people with
their natural hair really.”

And, and it was actually
became quite important to me

that I always try to just demonstrate

that my hair in its natural
form is just beautiful and fine,

I don’t have to change it.

I am using Pattern.

Shout out Tracee Ellis Ross, what a queen!

So I’m starting with, like, this amount.

Just in this, you know, routine,

I’m using two different lines
for kinky and coily hair.

And the fact, as well,

that these are black-owned businesses,

what’s happened is, is
that black women are going,

“I don’t, I grew up not
having things in my hair,

and now I’m gonna make one.”

I’m here to support all of those people.

This is what I use to dry
my hair, with a diffuser.

[gentle upbeat music]

Sometimes just to kind
of finish off the drying,

I just take the diffuser off.

The next stage is just
kind of going through it

with a little pick.

Oh, yeah, I like that.

Okay, so a little styling
thing, I’m gonna lay my edges,

I actually just really like, it’s again,

Pattern’s Edge Control.

It’s really good.

Put it over.

Most of the time,

I’m trying to get out the
house as quickly as possible.

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And, so, I’m just excited
that people can see.

It’s like the equivalent for
me of like shaving your legs

up into the skirt.

You know, like, so no one,
we’re just shaving our ankles

in your like three
quarter length trousers.

[gentle upbeat music]

Edges laid.

Juicy, juicy curls.

And so on to skincare.

I have very volatile skin.

I’m actually healing, as
you may have already noticed

from a little breakout,

my polka dots, as I like to call them.

Foam cleanser for darker skin tones.

[gentle upbeat music]

So, I read somewhere that
you should cleanse your skin

for at least, like, 60 seconds.

And now I’m gonna rinse off.

I have a second cleanser,
the enzyme cleanser.

I never really went through, like,

crazy acne during puberty.

So yeah, when I got to
like my mid twenties,

I just started, like, getting this, like,

hormonal breakouts.

And it was often in these areas,

which is like usually linked to hormones.

I was quite insecure about it.

But, yeah, like with the exfoliating,

I think exfoliation is
just really important,

sort of rejuvenate the skin.

So gently pat my face dry,

but I quite like leaving
it a little bit damp

for when I apply my serums.

Still recovering from this breakout,

so I’m using the clarifying serum.

So I use just one pipette-ful.

Give it a minute just to
soak in before I moisturize.

I get kind of just like small amount.

And just would pat this.

I bought myself a light mask.

And so, you know, it’s quite fetching.

And I found that this
has really helped with

the inflammation that I get

and it kind of helps
reduce it much faster.

Probably the most important
thing is your SPF.

The little sun drops.

I have not always worn sunblock.

I haven’t always done it
in terms of my skincare,

but definitely if I was like on holiday

or where it’s very hot.

And final thing for
skincare is spot treatment.

So just to deal with my
little friends that I have.

I’ve been vegan now for maybe
I think it’s been eight years.

There was something
about just being really

particular about what I ate

and what I put in my body.

That kind of journey came
from my kind of love of yoga

and love of self-care and meditation,

and just being really in tune with my body

and really understanding my body.

So moving on to the makeup look,

I sort of start with my lip balm,

which is from a lovely kind
of indie company called

Cosmetics à la Carte in London.

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Growing up, like, finding foundations

that actually matched your
skin was really, really hard.

My skin tone is kind of
much more complicated

as everybody’s is.

So I went and had my foundation blended

and I kind of haven’t really looked back.

And I will just start with a few pumps.

Early on in my career
where I was having issues

with people being able to do my makeup,

I just realized it was
incredibly important

that I could do my own.

And, often, after I’d been through makeup,

just go and blend my
foundation a bit more,

but we are working hard to
make that a thing of the past.

Chanel concealer.

I just put a little bit
on the back of my hand

’cause I don’t wanna touch
the kind of tip of it

onto my acne.

So I like to just kind of
do a bit with my finger.

And then I’ll do a
little bit under my eyes

depending on how rested I am.

Yeah, and I have a bit of, like,

sort of scarring that can show through.

So, sometimes I just,

even me just spread it around.

So, next, this is from Ulta and it is

Stay Cheeky Liquid Blush.

I just start in the apple of my cheek.

And this is nice ’cause
it’s got a little, like,

kind of glow to it as well,

like, almost a bit of a highlight.

My character on “Game of Thrones”

looked like she had no makeup on, but she,

I definitely had like very
natural-looking makeup.

It wasn’t beauty makeup.

When I learned that
Missandei was gonna die,

as the only woman of color on the show,

I knew that people would feel her loss,

like the loss of her,

because she’s also just like
a really kind, good character.

I was not anticipating,
I guess, the sort of,

the size of the reaction that happened.

And, so, I think that really
sparked the conversation

about when we make these
shows in the future,

when we are casting these shows, like,

do we just have to have the one person,

is there space for more of us?

And I think the answer is yes.

And I know the answer is yes.

And that’s especially true,

not just with what
we’ve been talking about

with hair and makeup and making
sure that our makeup rooms,

our head departments, you know,

that they’re catering to people who

don’t just fit this one box

that we’ve seen just become the standard.

I always wish that there was
someone who was in that room

who would be advocating for me too

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and not having to always
advocate for myself.

I really like kind of dewy, glossy skin.

And, so, this little
product from Glossier,

I just do, like, maybe one pump.

I just kind of get it on my
high points, on my cheeks.

And I like to just put a little bit

in the center of my eyelid.

Someone did this to me on a shoot once

and I was like, “Ooh, this is so cute.”

And I have, like, natural
pigmentation on my eyelids

that are quite brown and I quite like it,

I think it kind of gives me
definition without trying.

So, thanks Mom, for that.

This cool little brand called Lorac

I use they’re liquid, they’re
Pro Liquid Eyeliner in black.

We’re feeling fancy today, so
I’m gonna put a complete line.

Oh, I did that quite
easily, that never happens.

Some mascara.

I like to sort of brush them towards

the outer edge of the eye.

So, my eyebrows and I, we have
been through a lot together.

I was really quite badly about them.

And people used to tease
me about how, I mean,

I had like bushy eyebrows,
like, joined in the middle.

And I begged my mom for years.

She wouldn’t let me pluck them.

She wouldn’t let me do anything to them.

When I was about 15,

I finally convinced her
to let me get them waxed.

And, when I tell you this
woman destroyed my eyebrows,

they literally, I mean,
I’m just gonna comb them.

They literally started here

and this was all gone in the middle.

In the end, I just decided that

no one else was gonna do my brows but me.

I know how I like them.

And, I like them fuller.

I like to kind of brush them up

and sort of fan them out.

We’re gonna fill them in slightly.

And, basically, when anyone
compliments my eyebrows,

I’m like, “I guess they’re
best friends forever.”

I use the Glossier Boy Brow.

And, like, what I do, because
I’ve just put the product in,

I don’t wanna move it around too much.

I kind of just, like,

almost back, like, comb
my hair on the edges,

just in the wrong direction.

Brush them into a nice shape.

And there they are.

So, this is my final look.

I hope you enjoyed learning
about how I do my hair,

and my makeup, and skincare.


[gentle upbeat music]