Summertime Skin Care and Makeup

[mellow music]

– Hi, this is Zoë Kravitz

and today we’re gonna do
some stuff to my face.

I’m gonna wash my face with this

Rhonda Alison Pumpkin Cleanser.

It smells like Christmas.

So I just wet my hands,

got it nice and frothy.
[jewelry clinking]

I have always been super into skincare

’cause my mother is.

Both my parents are really.

But my mom was always
really into products,

organic products, facials,

taking care of your skin.

And I really think that beauty
really starts from within,

from your health, your
gut, your beauty routine,

your skin routine, being hydrated.

And then you don’t have to use makeup

to cover yourself up, you
can use it to highlight.

I’m gonna wash this off.

So now my face is nice and clean.

I’m gonna use this Retrouvé serum.

Really just lovely.

I love all their products.

But in the summertime,

this serum’s just really nice and light.

Okay, here we go.

[mellow music]

My parents, they’re both in
the entertainment industry

and wanna look and feel good.

I think they really always wanted me

to take care of myself
and take care of my skin,

and make sure I am
aware of the ingredients

that are in the products I’m
using and stuff like that.

And my mom and I are constantly

sending each other things that we like.

So now I’m gonna use this Caudalie mist.

[laughs] It’s good to
keep your skin hydrated

in between serums and stuff.

And it has a really nice
minty, fresh feeling.

[mellow music]

Okay, it’s summertime, it’s hot outside.

We’re gonna use some SPF

because it’s important
to take care of our skin.

So this company ISUN is fantastic

and I love this Sun Butter.

You can use it on your body and your face.

I’m really into smells.

I’m a really sensitive person to smells.

And when something smells
yummy it makes me, I get a lot.

So this smells kind of like
peanut-buttery happiness,

I don’t know, but it’s
really, really delicious.

Little goes a long way,

and especially with SPF,

it can be hard to blend in.

Light layer.

I’ve not always worn SPF.

It’s something actually I’m
just becoming strict about.

I have freckles, which I love,

but I’m getting more and more.

And I just want to make sure
I’m not damaging my skin

and I live in New York
and I walk outside all day

and all of a sudden you realize

you’ve been basically baking
in the sun for like 12 hours.

But it’s important that
we protect our skin.

I really think wellness

starts with diet, exercise, hydration.

I try and drink a lot of water.

It’s easy to forget to do that too.

And I think it’s all about balance, right?

I think it’s about joy and
happiness and laughter. [laughs]

I really think that affects
the way you look and feel.

I love to steam too, I
love to sweat things out.

I think it’s good to keep
the body moving like that.

So speaking of internal wellness,

me and my mother, every
year, we try and do

the Dr. Schulze 30 Day Cleanse together.

It’s a 30 day cleanse

that focuses on all your different organs,

so your bowel, your liver,
your kidney, gallbladder,

and then bowel again.

And it’s just a nice thing

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to kinda reset your body every year.

And if you don’t do
that cleanse, it’s fine.

I just think taking a week
of eating raw natural foods

is a great way to just
kind of let your body relax

because it’s constantly
working to process everything

that we’re putting in it.

So it’s nice to basically
give your guts a vacation.

So eye cream.

We love eye cream because we love our eyes

and the skin under our eyes
is all thin and delicate.

[mellow music]

So growing up, I had acne.

I had a lot of acne on my forehead

and on my cheeks.

And I still break out, you know?

It happens.

Even if you don’t have a lot of makeup on,

living in a city like New York,

there’s pollution and shit in the air,

so no matter what time it
is and what my night’s been,

I will wash my face, religiously.

So in between skincare and makeup,

I’m gonna put on some deodorant.

This company milk + honey.

And I’ve been on quite a journey

with just natural deodorants, in general.

Because a lot of them don’t work.

But I don’t want to put aluminum

near my lymph nodes and breasts,

really, really bad for us,

so should we be trying to
use natural deodorants.

And this is one of the first
ones that works, truly works.

Lasts all day and smells delicious.

So I just put a little on
my hand and then do this.

Just gonna rub it on my
pits. [laughs] Here we go.

We’re gonna start with some Fenty primer.

Shoutout to badgalriri,
because you’re so cool,

we all wanna be you.

Especially after putting
lots of serums on and stuff,

we’re nice and dewy, which we love,

but there are some places
that we don’t want to be dewy.

And we have to matte it.

So I just put a little bit, very little,

especially if you’re gonna
go over it with makeup,

because it can roll.

[mellow music]

Now, we’re going to put
on a little concealer.

I don’t, on a daily
basis, wear foundation,

but it’s nice to balance things out.

Our Touche Éclat.

I love this stuff because it’s light

and just kind of brighten things up.

Sometimes a lot comes out,

just put in on your hand like that.

[mellow music]

And this is great for a happy medium

of just covering little spots.

I started wearing makeup
probably when I was 14 to 15.

My mom always tried to get me to not,

but I would buy it.

I also plucked my eyebrows
really, really thin

when I was 15 and my mom yelled at me,

god bless her soul,

and told me if I ever
touched my eyebrows again,

she was like, “I’ll be mad.”

And I’m so glad she did,

because I love my eyebrows
and they’re nice and thick

and they grew back,
which I’m really lucky.

I lived in Miami for a while,

and there was a very specific trend

of this gel blue liner that
all the girls would wear.

I was like this 15 year old
girl with really tiny eyebrows

and this blue line across my eye,

and it was a look.


We have this YSL Couture Brow Pencil.

And we’re just gonna fill in the brows.

I like to start in the
middle and not the front,

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just to kind of control the shape.

And you don’t want the
front to be too heavy.

I love makeup.

I love doing it,

I think it’s a literal art form.

And obviously a red lip’s like,

people know you’re wearing red lips,

but I just think there’s also
some really fun little secrets

where it’s fun that no one
can tell you’re wearing

something on your eyes or on your face,

it’s like a little trick.

I like to trick people. [laughs]

So, I just think there are
different kinds of makeup

and everyone finds their own style,

but I do like to try and encourage people,

and I say this all the time,

but to enhance the things that you love

and not try and change
your face completely,

or reshape your face completely.

Sometimes it’s fun to do that,

but everyone is so
pretty in their own way.

[mellow music]

So now we’re gonna do a
little bit of eyeliner.

I love this eyeliner, it’s a Korean brand,

I believe it’s pronounced Cheongdam.

And I love it because
it’s really, really thin.

[eyeliner clicks]

So it’s just easier to control.

We’re about to embark
on a journey together.

I don’t go all the way across,

I like to start about here.

And then I usually,

that’s what I do.

I literally wipe it

with my finger,

which kind of gives it a sharper edge.

So if we’re doing a more cat-eye liner,

I like it kind of fresh,

but if you’re doing inside the water line,

I think that always
looks good the next day.

Ooh, that looks nice.

‘Cause it smudges down a little bit.

I like it even when it
comes down a little bit.

I think it feels a little bit more natural

when it’s not super pointy
and going up too much.

I basically wanna make my eyes look bigger

and open them up.

We’re gonna use this Sunkissed Nudestix

and it’s a nice creamy


I don’t know why,

but I tend to put
everything on my hand first,

just so that you make
sure there’s not too much.

You can control it.

You wanna smile,

you wanna smile like this.

And put a little [laughs]

on your cheeks.

And also pat a little on your eye,

I actually really like it when the eyelids

are the same color as the cheeks,

’cause it just feels like
a natural, consistent,

like this is the color
of my face. [laughs]

But it does feel just kinda
like a natural blushy feel.

And I also, obviously,
brushes are a thing,

but I tend to do makeup with my fingers.

We’re gonna do a little highlighter.

We’re gonna use this
incredible Pat McGrath,

I love you Pat,


And so we’re just gonna put
a little on the cheekbone.

And a little extra zhoosh

is I like to put a little
bit of the highlighter

just in the corners.

[mellow music]

Something I love about this,

is that it has a balm on the other side.

So it’s just nice to
go over the highlighter

with the balm.

It blends it.

And it makes it look less dry,

and actually adds to the highlight effect.

I’m also gonna put a little more

of this Fenty mattifier here again,

just a little.

[mellow music]

And I just think that
this kind of everyday,

no-makeup makeup is something I do a lot,

because of my job too.

I play a lot of women
who don’t wear makeup,

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but it’s obviously still
needs to feel pretty.

So in “High Fidelity”
and “Big Little Lies”,

my incredible makeup artist,

she’s just so good at
the no-makeup makeup,

which is nice because it feels

more truthful to the character.

And yet, you can still
look a little something.

So that’s also the reason
why I’ve fallen in love

with this style of makeup.

Honestly, sometimes on “Big Little Lies”

I would get jealous,

’cause Reese and Nicole,

Shay didn’t wear very much makeup either,

but Laura,

they all looked so fabulous all the time.

I was like, “I want to look like that.”

So now, we’re gonna do lips.

I’m going to start with a lip liner.

And this is a Marc Jacobs lip liner.

[mellow music]

My technique for liner is
just to go pretty soft.

And slowly build, as opposed to,

lip liner and lipstick,

I think it’s a better thing to build,

’cause I really like a pouty lip.

If you wanna kinda make your
lips look a little bigger,

I would go lower here,
as opposed to up here.

[mellow music]

You bring it up a little

and do the inside of your lip,

and it gives you a cute little shape.

And I like to blur it out a little bit,

’cause again, I don’t
like the harsh lines.

So we’re going to use

the Slim Radical Matte Lipstick by YSL.

Because we’re doing,
again, an everyday thing,

we’re gonna for a pinky, pretty lip.

Again, we’re just gonna kinda


I’m pretty good at
doing makeup in transit,

just ’cause, I don’t know, in New York,

I’ve done makeup on the stoops,

and in a lot of dimly-lit bathrooms.

You can go back over

with the lip liner

and do a little.

[mellow music] We’re gonna
use a little coconut oil,

and I look to put it in my hair.

Us Black girls should
keep our hair hydrated.

And I also just use this
literally all over my body.

So I’m gonna like.

My hair journey has been
quite the hair journey

and I think that, probably,
a lot of brown girls

can identify with that,

brown people,

because we’re basically
taught to hate our hair.

I used to relax my hair,

which was really bad
and it would break off,

and actually, I think, ends
up looking a little funny,

on me.

And then also, it grows
out really quickly.

And so the braids have been
just a really great way

to protect my hair

and be able to be playful with it,

but not put any chemicals in it.

And then lately, for films,

I’ve been doing wigs, which is great.


I cornrow my hair, put on a wig.



So we’re gonna finish with a scent,

because smells are important to me.

And we are gonna use today
the new Black Opium Extreme.


[inhales deeply]

Yeah, delicious.

I just spray it directly on.

Usually I’ll do this baby, you know?


it’s on my wrists now,

I’m just gonna put it in my hair.

We look good, we feel good,

we smell good.

Thank you guys so much

for watching my face and beauty routine.

And have a good day.


[mellow music]