White Lotus Star Sydney Sweeney Gets Ready for the Premiere

[door creeks]

– Hey Vogue, it’s Sydney Sweeney,

And I’m getting ready for the
premiere of The White Lotus.

Come join me!

[upbeat music]

I’ve been in a cocoon, a quarantine cocoon

and now I’m out, and we have a premiere.

And I’m so excited to get all dressed up.

So we are starting with hair.

This is my hair hair stylist Laura Poko.

I’m really excited for
everyone to see White Lotus.

It’s my first time I’ve
done drama comedy, dramedy.

And my character is very different.

Olivia is kinda crazy.

She’s very dry, and sarcastic,
and a little bit of a bitch.

So it was kind of funny.

I was scared of her at first.

And then we found some love.

There’s always nerves with that coming out

’cause I was scared shitless for Euphoria.

I mean, I forgot to tell
my Dad about Euphoria.

And when I actually-
– You forgot?

– Yes.
– Yay.

– Because I was filming every day!

– Yeah, it’s true.
– And I was like,

“Ah, whatever. I’ll tell him.”

And then I totally forgot to tell him.

And he sat down with my Nana, and my Papa.

– Oops.

– To watch.

They never finished the show.

It was, yeah.

– Oh, my God, no one idea.

– The moment I took my top off in bed.

– Yeah, hah! [laughs]

– That was–
– You’re like…

– That was the moment.

I am here on the stairs, eating my lunch.

I eat cookies and ice cream every day.

The key is to make an
ice cream cookie sandwich

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to get the full effect of the lunch.

So I put a little topping

and then it’s heaven.

[groovy music]

– And now I’m getting
my nails done with Zola.

Zola does Maud’s nails too.

Maud and I tend to share a lot

of different beauty tricks.

Well, I just got my nails all done

and now I’m about to do my face,

and my lovely makeup artist

Melissa Hernandez, will
be doing my makeup.

We are doing a very clean

– We’re doing, yeah, it’s
very clean and fresh.

I feel like the dress is very feminine.

So we’re sort of playing off of that

and just keeping her skin
really, really fresh.

– Every single time you go to an event

and there’s just tons of cameras flashing

and yelling your name

and people telling you to stand here,

and they’re going like,
“stay, stay. turn, turn.”

And you’re like, “oh, my gosh!”

And then I look at photos the next day.

I’m like, “Why the hell

did I hold my hands like this?”

“Why are my lips like this?”

I critique myself too much.

She’s fluffy.

– She’s fluffy, right?

Right? And the little bit-
– Spray her up.

– I will.
– My hair falls

so fast and easy.

I am just about done with hair makeup.

I’m going to go put my dress on,

I’m going to keep these little clips in

to keep my swoop right,
and I will see you soon.

[groovy music]

– Hey guys, I feel ready.

Nervous. I love it, prada.

Feel like I’m looking at myself

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from like 60s or something like that.

My breakfast at Tiffany’s dream.

Maybe it’s like a little
step over the shoulder,

show the hair clip.

I think I’m ready.

I wish I could get on the railing

and just slide down.

[chill music]

[crowd murmuring]

– Thank you guys so much.

Bye Vogue, thank you.