Get You Pour a Glass Anywhere

Bridal showers, PTA meetings, those hellish hours spent in doctors’ office waiting rooms — basically, any time you’ve secretly wished for a stiff drink — will never be the same. One company’s designed a line of handbags with a secret pouch for storing (and serving) wine, and a whole lot of it at that.

Each of Bella Vita’s PortoVino totes can hold up to two bottles of wine, which you can pour into a refillable pouch and store in a zippered, insulated pocket within the bag. No one will know it’s there — until you unbutton a flap on the side of the bag, pull out the spout and pour yourself a glass.

Though the bags, which retail for $75 apiece, can technically hold any drink, they’re designed specifically for vino, allowing you to “take the party with you” wherever you go. (Just make sure you’re not breaking any open container laws, okay?)

The best part, though? The tote’s roomy enough to hold your essentials: keys, wallet, phone, selection of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, bottle opener, four-pack of glasses. You know, the absolute can’t-get-through-an-afternoon-withouts.

When one of 27-year-old Deena Shoemaker’s friends posted to Facebook about a neighbor who had lost her home in a fire and was in need of donations, Shoemaker took to her closet to see if she had anything she could donate. Unfortunately, her good intentions led to an extremely upsetting discovery.

Despite the fact that she’s been the same size for years, Shoemaker realized she had pants that ranged in size from 5 to 12. And yet they all fit her the exact. same. way.

Frustrated by the way these fluctuating sizes affect women and girls’ self-esteem, Shoemaker took to Facebook, where she posted a collage of six photos of herself in different pairs of pants, each labeled with the size. “No I’m not selling my pants,” she wrote at the start of her post. “I’ve just got a bone to pick.”