Top 20 Handbag Styles for Girls over 20

Getting out of school and teenage years is pretty amazing because after waiting for too long, it is finally time to go to college. Especially for girls, entering college means making a statement of fashion. When it comes to being trendy, having a cool bag is as equally important as picking out a good outfit. So, if you are still confused about what bag to carry to your college, we are here with some amazing handbags for girls who are 20 or above. 

Backpack with a desi touch

Backpacks are trendiest amongst college students but when it is combined with a desi pattern, it just looks amazing. Besides, it goes with your western as well as an ethnic wear. 

handbags for girls

Gorgeous saddle bag

This wonderful shoulder bag with a long strap would be amazing on you while you are going on a shopping trip or on an outing with friends. 

handbags for girls

Bucket handbags for girls

This type of bag recently became fashionable because of its unique look. FYI, this circular opening brought together by a drawstring is pretty handy. 

handbags for girls

Textured grocery bag

Grocery handbags for girls? Yes, this light and the comfortable bag have been in trend for quite a long time. To make it more attractive, pick the one with a beautiful texture. 

handbags for girls

Beach bag with a quote

Beach bag is quite similar to the grocery bag but is inspired by the quote printed on it with a catchy font. 

handbags for girls

The transport tote bag

This open bag with no zip or pocket is really beautiful for college girls. 

handbags for girls

Casual drawstring bag

A drawstring bag or duffle bag is an attractive cylindrical bag that was inspired by the sailor’s bag. This heavy clothing bag is perfect to keep your personal belongings. 

Colored college backpack

Backpacks are ideal for girls who don’t like to hold heavy bags on just one shoulder. Hence, this vibrant backpack is just amazing for you. 

Hobo handbags for girls

Made out of soft and flexible material, this crescent-shaped slouchy posture bag is meant to be taken by girls in their early 20s. 

handbags for girls

Satchel bags

When it comes to carrying books to college, what about carrying this easy and traditional satchel bag?

Pouch handbags for girls

The pouch bag is a must to keep your essentials while going on a day out.

Clutch for your essentials

May it be a party or everyday routine, you must carry a clutch to keep your money or other nitty-gritty things. 

Handy makeup bag

Well, obviously you need a separate bag for your makeup. This small bag is pretty useful to keep your expensive makeup products. 

handbags for girls

Color-changing designer bag

Color-changing handbag? This is an illusionary style bag that is seen to be designed by a geometric shape lover. This creative design will undoubtedly help you slay the day. 

Easy Fanny bag

This one is for girls who are tired of carrying around bags every time they go out. Simply tie it around your waist and be comfortable for the entire day. 

Classy Kelly bag

Elegant and formal, this Kelly bag would totally complement your fashionable spirit. 

Leather made backpack

Another variety of backpack is this leather backpack that is quite different and pretty one. 

Crossbody sling bag

Sling handbags for girls with big straps can also be taken as a crossbody bag. Not only it never goes out of fashion, but also it is extremely convenient to carry.

Rope sling bag

There are innumerable designs available in sling handbags for girls above 20 but this rope sling bag is ideal to be counted amongst the best ones. 

Shoulder bag with a long strap

What about carrying a spacious shoulder bag with a long strap? Carry this around and stand out of the crowd. 

Final words

These amazingly beautiful bags would make you as trendy as you want to be. So, look no further and pick out any of these stylish handbags.