10 Fashionable Jeans You Must Try in 2020

Every year, fashion goes through a lot of change especially when it comes to innovation of denim. This change depends upon various factors like season, occupation, and personality. When it comes to trends, mainly women put effort to look their best and wear trendiest clothes they can. So, women who are looking forward to having the best for the year 2020, look no further as we have shortlisted the best jeans to wear. Read on to find the most amazing and must-try jeans of the year 2020. 

Slouchy jeans of the year

Denim is considered a few of the most comfortable things to wear and this trendy slouchy jeans stand for its level of comfort. This type of jeans often comes in rolled up or cropped length that gives a very tidy and relaxed feel. 

jeans of the year

Ripped jeans

We all are familiar with the ripped style of the jeans and it has been continuing to be the jean of the year just because of its easiness and destroyed look. However, this year, it is time to experiment a bit as these boyfriend jeans can also be worn in baggy style jeans with huge rips. 

jeans of the year

Palazzo-resembling pair of jeans

Palazzos are becoming quite famous for the last few years but what about wearing jeans in the palazzo style? If you are thinking this is just for casual events, well you are wrong as it can be paired with a formal shirt to give an amazing formal look. This is something new and should be worn by every fashionista out there. 

jeans of the year

Vintage wide-leg jeans 

As the name suggests, these vintage-style jeans of the year 2020 were quite common in the mid and late 20the century. Nonetheless, after a huge break, these are becoming quite famous these days as well. 

High pedal pusher

When it comes to summers, all you need is knee-length bottom with utmost relaxation. High Pedal pusher, also referred to as ‘calm diggers’, is just about that. These almost calf-length skin-tight denim Capri pants need to be in your year 2020 collection. 

jeans of the year

Ankle tie pants

We all have heard about ankle pants and elastic cuff jeans but what about these super-easy ankle-tie pants? Giving a voguish look, these type of jeans deserves to be in your ideal clothing because of its funky yet elegant style. 

jeans of the year

Rancher wide-leg jeans

We have talked about palazzo style jeans but these rancher wide-leg jeans are just perfectly dramatic. These denim pants with a fitted waist and airy bottom give a wonderful look. Besides, these can be paired with a waist tie shirt, crop top, or even with a normal t-shirt which makes it a comfy garment to wear. 

Bell-bottom jeans of the year

From moderate to an exaggerated flare, these bell-bottom pants have been rocking the late 20th century and after a break has remade its statement in the fashion industry. These bell-bottom jeans come in a variety that largely depends on the flare and the length of the pants. 

Skinny jeans

Skinny clothes often make girls look taller as they flaunt their curves with the tight-fitting garments. Skin-tight jeans, therefore, has been a girl’s best friend when it comes to having a comfortable yet gorgeous cloth items. So, even in this year, it will be a fashionable thing for girls. 

jeans of the year

Baggy jeans

Quite opposite to the skinny jeans, these baggy jeans are a perfect fit for the 2020 summer season as the airy space and the utmost smoothness would be perfect for girls. 

Final words

2020 jeans of the year are going to be all about variety as denim is something everybody loves. Let us know which one is your favorite out of this variety of pants.