Things Brides Have Been Told

In movies, wedding shopping is one of those experiences that involves lots of pretty gowns, a few loved ones and a helpful consultant, all culminating in a teary moment where the bride finds her perfect dress. In real life, there’s a big gap between walking into a bridal store and that final selection. There are a delightful assortment of awkward (and sometimes enraging) moments in between, most of which occur when onlookers can’t seem to keep their mouths shut.

We asked folks about the worst things they’ve heard people say to brides, whether it was their own experience or one in which they were a bystander. Their stories are beyond ridiculous.

1. “You need to wear Spanx with this dress.”

“I was told I ‘needed’ to purchase what was essentially super strength Spanx in order to ‘smooth everything out.'” —Brittany

2. “Wow, that will look so amazing once you lose 10 pounds!”

This one comes from a reader named Katie. If this person really wanted the bride to feel good in her dress, they probably should’ve stopped after “wow.”

3. “Would your fiancee like this?”

“While gown shopping, I was constantly being asked, ‘Would he like this?’ or told, ‘He will love this!’ This is about me loving it. I ended up buying a dress online.” —Eugenia

4. “You’ll be losing weight anyway, right?”

“Everyone assumed that I would be losing weight to fit into a too-small dress rather than wanting to find one that already fit!” —Emma

5. “You can’t wear that with your butt.”

“My mother-in-law told the woman who worked at the bridal boutique not to let me try on any mermaid dresses, because my Kim Kardashian butt would take attention away from everything else she ‘worked so hard on.'” —Holley

6. “That dress isn’t your style.”

“I used to work at a bridal salon and heard some really awful things like, ‘I just never pictured you in lace … it doesn’t really seem like your style, you know?’ As if women shouldn’t dress however they want on their wedding day!” —Katie

7. “Good, that makes your arms look smaller!”

“The aunt said, ‘The slight off-the-shoulder silhouette really slims down your arms.’ Oh, cool, thanks for ruining the most amazing high of my life so far! I’d also like to note that my husband is 6-foot-6-inches tall and 350 pounds, and no one cared what his upper arms looked like in his tux.” —Cassy